Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've been fiddling with this here blog trying to figure things out. I decided to add some music but what music to add?? I've never been a very intense music fan. I definitely have a reaction when I hear a song that I like but I do not own an Ipod full of 10 000 songs, in fact I don't own an Ipod at all. So when trying to pick some songs I struggled to think of a few songs that do indeed illicit some sort of emotional response from me.
Broken Hallelujah is one of my favourites of all time particularly this rendition by Kurt Nilsen (et al),winner of an Idol competition in Europe.
The others are songs that I love for one reason or another and hope you enjoy listening to them as well.


Darcy said...

I do own an ipod...it's somewhere in this house, hopefully to be seen again soon. Little hands...darn them!

Jodi said...

As the music guru in your life, I approve of all the songs you have picked so far...I will send you some suggestions for ones I think you will like...OOOOHHHH mixed CD time! My favourite!
BTW..."Beautiful" is the song I always played when I missed you when you were in BC :-)