Friday, September 30, 2011

Friendzy Friday ~ Thanksgiving/Halloween Dome ornaments

For this week's Friendzy Friday I am going to show you how to make something you might have seen before, especially at Christmas. I decided to change it up and make it work for October's holidays instead.
You will need themed paper, circle punch (or cut them on the Cricut etc), adhesive of choice ( I started out using terrifically tacky tape but switched to 3 n 1 Craft glue), ribbon or twine.

Choose whatever size you want for the circles depending on how large you want your ornament. I chose to use a 1 1/2 inch punch. You will need to punch 20 circles

Using a piece of cardboard punched to the same size as your circles, draw and cut out a triangle. This will be your template to fold the circles around. Place the template on top of the pattern you WANT to use and fold in.

Take 5 of the circles, adhere together with points all facing the same direction. This will form the top. Repeat to form the bottom.

Then take the 10 remaining circles and alternate the direction of the points to form a 'straight' line. Once dry, adhere the two ends together to form the center.

Before putting it all together, thread ribbon or twine through the small opening at the top of the ornament. Tie a large knot on the inside.

Adhere middle section to top and bottom and this is what you get:

I decided to try to make pumpkins too!

You could make a bunch and put them in a glass vase or hang them from everywhere!

Happy October Everyone!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Reveal

Happy September!!

For this month's kit I received a mixed bag of travel papers. I was a bit stumped as to how I was going to pull it together and they sat on my desk for a while before inspiration hit. I combined the kit with odds and ends from my stash and ended up completing 3 layouts from my California trip.

This layout is about the historical Chateau Marmont. It's the hotel where all the celebs past and present (think Lindsay Lohan lol) hang out. I don't typically use 'theme' stickers but they were in my stash and fit with the layout.

Every beach you go to in California has the most amazing piers. The Santa Monica pier is probably one of the most famous. I love these little canvas banners from Maya Road!

I love that I can add words right on to my pics now! I found these little bits in my stash too.

This is probably my fave this time around. The soft colours make me wish I was back there! I made the fishing net out of hemp twine I had in my 'junk' drawer. I added some shells and dew drops to make it feel beachy.

I am so glad I brought the shells back from Venice Beach, they made great embellishments!

Be sure to check out what all the ladies did over in the TSF gallery and I hope you had a wonderful summer!