Saturday, August 7, 2010

one more day...

Well I almost made it through two full weeks without internet, some sort of record for me. Our friend arrived yesterday and knowing of my wee computer addiction, he offered to set up his laptop. WOOHOO!! I so needed a fix.
I whipped around facebook and then skipped over to Two Scrapbook Friends to check out the new releases, so AWESOME!

It's been a great vacation. Weather has been fabulous although I did get a sunburn today after 13 days of religious sunscreen application. Argh.

I've taken loads of pics,about 250 just of the chipmunks that are our new best friends.

As fun as it's been it will be good to get back to 'real' life. Oh and the boys are in camp next week which means a few quiet moments for me!
See you soon!


Joanne said...

It is sooooo nice to have you back! I am glad that you had a good time, but we were really missing you at the store!
Joanne xo

shelby said...

ah's nice to be loved!