Wednesday, February 16, 2011

no more snow....please?

You can tell everyone is sick of winter because the weather is all we seem to talk about lately. Between 'snowmageddon' that didn't happen on the predicted day and this weekend's expected double digit temps I think as Canadians we are obsessed with weather.
I am, I check out the weather network every day.

As much as I am looking forward to spring I am NOT looking forward to the slushy, mushy, dirty, gross process of the snow melting. The boys' snowsuits come home soaked and it's not much fun to play out in.
They did have a great time this past Saturday after the insta-blizzard ended and I, of course, snapped a few shots of them. The snow was so white, fluffy and pristine.

Holden's smiling in there somewhere

Wyatt in a huge hole he dug out

Ah, there's his smile

The snowbanks are so tall

I love how our big pine tree looks with a dusting of snow

I do have to say that I enjoy the winter for outdoor play. I can peel off their snowsuits and they are nice and clean underneath ulike the summer when they are mud-covered!

Let's hope the groundhog was right!


Joanne said...

Great photos Shelby! At least the kids can enjoy all the snow! I for one, am waiting for Spring :)
Joanne xo

Avril Tanner said...

Great pics...almost makes me want to enjoy the snow...

Carolyn Wolff said...

I really don't mind winter at all. I love the snow, but I just hate the really cold temperatures.....and there is always hockey!

Veronica said...

great pics, you picked a nice sunny day!

Kelly Codd said...

Love this pictures Shelby!