Friday, May 13, 2011

Friendzy Friday

For this week's Friendzy Friday I have decided to focus on something that is very hot right now. Something we can barely keep in stock....The Sew Easy!
I have always loved the look of stitching on layouts and cards but was always a little intimidated as I can barely sew a button back on a shirt. Enter the Sew Easy. It allows you to add a fun element to your page without being a master sewer or even owning a sewing machine.
The tool comes with one head and has storage for needles in the handle. The mat is sold seperately and really makes using the tool SO much easier. We R makes their own floss which is so smoooooth and comes in lots of colours.
I keep the cards that come with each head on a ring so I can refer to them for the different stitches.

You can use a ruler to guide your tool or free hand it. Depending on the weight of your paper the holes might go right through.

If your paper is heavier then you may need to use a piercing tool or needle to poke them.
A little bit of stitching in a straight line or zig zag
Or a lot of stitching as a frame. You can use the scallop head to create free hand clouds and trees
And here's a little tease of what's to come in the land of Sew Easy...a case, new wider heads, baker's twine floss, metallic floss and variegated floss. Keep your eyes on the blog for more details in the not too distant future!


Two Scrapbook Friends said...

Great highlight of this product. It is one of my favourite things! Our customers love it too :)

Deanna said...

Very kewl girl, I love everything you did with this!

JoAnn Heinbuch said...

When is the new floss coming ? Metallic & variegated ????

Avril Tanner said...

Such a great tutorial!!

shelby said...

New floss will arrive with all the new realeases hopefully some time in late May or early June.

Joanne said...

Great tutorial! Stitching can be very addicting - I am totally hooked now!
Joanne xo