Friday, June 24, 2011

Friendzy Friday ~ Picasa!

As scrapbookers obviously our whole world revolves around the photos we take and what we can do with them. A few years ago I discovered a FREE online photo management site owned by Google called Picasa. It is AWESOME. It has all the tools you need to tweak your pics and to do collages which give your pages a whole new look.

Here are some screenshots to show you what you can do:

When you load your pictures into Picasa you can start playing around with them simply by 'pinning' the images you want to use. If you look along the bottom you can see all the different things you can do ex: email, print, blog, make a movie, collage. Simply press what you want do with the selected pics and away you go.

There are several different collage options you can choose: grids, mosaics etc and you can play around with sizes such as cd cover, 12x12, digital frame sizes etc. It's super easy to add and remove photos and you can click and drag them to which part of the collage you want. You can use the collage as is on a layout or cut it up for smaller pics. I will oftern print two pics in a 5x7 size for a nice small image on a layout. These collages are also great to use on your blogs.

The beauty of Picasa is that it has all the photo editing tools too! You can fix red eye, remove blemishes, play with colour and you can add text which I used in the above collage. I journalled right on the pics with the name of the celebrity whose home it was. It's going to save me some time later when I use them on a layout.

This is just a quick look at a small area of Picasa. If you've been looking for a way to edit your photos believe me, this one is user friendly. Hey, I even figured it out!!

Here's the link so you can get started too:


Carolyn Wolff said...

This is an awesome program. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love it.

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for the great tutorial! I will certainly be checking Picasa out!
Joanne xo

Deanna said...

Totally bookmarking this gf to do tonight!

Lee Anne S said...

I have been so frustrated with Photoshop lately. I downloaded Picassa after reading this blog post and I love it already. So easy and intuitive to use. Thanks so much,Shelby!