Monday, August 1, 2011

Friendzy Friday ~ titles

When I create a page I am constantly thinking of what the title will be. Sometimes the title comes first and I design the page around it. Other times I create a page and then add the title. Whatever the order it's often a challenge to come up with a title that has impact.

A title can come from your jounalling

It can describe a feeling

or the person in the photo

Diecuts make SUPER simple titles

Where you place your title is also very important to the overall design so move it around the page to see where it sits nicely. I will often have my title touching a photo so it appears grounded. When a title 'floats' it can appear a bit lost.

A big trend in scrapbooking right now is to have a title made of different fonts. Mixing stickers, chipboard and diecuts makes for a unique title.

Here are a few great sites to find scrapbooking titles:

or you can simply type scrapbook titles into your search bar.


Avril Tanner said...

Thanks for the tips! Great Freindzy Friday topic!

maxadriane said...

I like that you took this back to the basics! Great advice and resources for scrappers of all skill levels!

Deanna said...

Those are great sites girl thanks!

Bridget said...

Thanks for the tips! Great Freindzy Friday topic!