Sunday, April 4, 2010

where did the weekend go???

I cannot believe it is Sunday night! This weekend flew by in a blur. It started out iffy (Holden vomitting Thursday night) and ended up great. The weather was amazing including that beautiful, complete rainbow we had Saturday night. We had so much fun doing several egg hunts with the boys. They really got into it this year, especially Holden who really 'got into' his chocolate eggs. He kept sneaking them. No wonder he's still awake in his bed right now. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and fingers crossed for many more sunny ones as Spring turns into Summer.

Yes, I do realize it appears that our new van is parked in our giant pine tree. I assure you, it's not!

I also realized how incredibly difficult it is to capture a full rainbow on film!

The boys really enjoyed themselves hunting for eggs but

weren't overly patient about waiting to find out what was inside

Hope you created some great memories this weekend and of course got some of them on film!

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Joanne said...

Great pictures Shelby! I am so glad you and your family enjoyed the weekend:)