Saturday, September 25, 2010

school, surgery, safari...


That's what I have to say about September so far. I just can't believe that the month is almost over!!

Of course like every other parent out there I've spent the last few weeks helping the boys get adjusted to school. Wyatt has begun grade 1 which has been a bit of a shock to his system. What? No playing all day? Now that he's gotten down to the real business of reading, writing and math not to mention french and science he's a little unsure about the whole school thing. I'm determined to help him enjoy reading which is his biggest complaint so far.

Holden on the other hand has just entered the wonderful world of JK and is LOVING it. He wants to go every day and is upset when he can't.

On September 20 Wyatt had to go to McMaster for minor surgery. He made me promise not to tell his teacher what he had done. Let's just say it was to fix an 'off to the left' issue. He handled it amazingly well and I was super impressed.

We have been working on getting rid of all the green carpet in our house and replacing it with wood flooring. In order to finish the upstairs my husband kicked us out of the house today with a free admission to the African Lion Safari. I was seriously doubtful about the weather but went anyway. We had a few showers but it always seemed to get sunny when we wanted to do something. The boys had a great time and I'm sure the highlight was riding the elephant with popcorn and ice cream coming a close second.

It's been a bit of a crazy month and I don't foresee it slowing down anytime soon. I'm working like a crazy woman to create all sorts of new page kits and samples for the store and the boys are starting sports too. Oh well, who needs sleep right??


Avril Tanner said...

great pic's! And yes... after reading your blog I too think you have had a bit of a crazy month!!! Here is hoping it slows down for you just a little!

Darcy said...

It would be boring if it slowed down. That is what I tell myself, anyway.

Joanne said...

Wow - it has been a busy month for you! And that is not including all the hours you are putting in for TSF! Your photos are amazing and I can see more fabulous layouts coming:)
Joanne xo

Deanna said...

well that all sounds like fun... ok so not all of it! lol