Monday, August 24, 2009

bye bye baby hair

I knew I was attached to my hair but I had no idea how attached I was to Holden's hair until it was all laying in a pile in my sister's sink. His hair had gotten quite long, I was starting to get the 'what a cute girl' comments. It curled so beautifully but the poor guy was sweating buckets in the middle of our mini heatwave. So we went to my sister's house for a cut.


(experiencing a lovely case of bed head)

DURING: (so hilarious watching his expressions in the mirror)

He was so good about sitting still...he was almost in a trance

The novelty did start to wear off though

And here he is ..... my grown up looking almost 3 year old..

I know it will grow back and I know he looks cute no matter what but ....I miss it!!!
So now I need a haircut. Going to have to work up the courage on that one.


Laura said...

such a beautiful boy... he looks nothing like a girl btw... the cutting of the baby hair always made me weepy too. they seem to lose their baby instantly. long or short he's still lovely and still your baby!

Julie said...

Oh so cute! I remember that first haircut that changed Alex's look soooooooooo much.

Joanne said...! Is he ever a cutie! His haircut look amazing - it makes his eyes really show up!

Beth said...

I love these pictures! He looks so handsome in the last one.